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MOBY Series

jaw crushing machines

MOBY: highly-effective, easy-to-maintain jaw crushers. The machines of this product line are built following a double logic:

MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY: this allows all RIMAC treatment plants to be installed on the same machine body (for example, in case you need to replace the jaw crusher with the impact mill).

INTERCHANGEABILITY: to prevent possible machine downtime, RIMAC is made with a system that allows you to quickly replace most of its components (engine, crawler carriage, electrical system, etc.).

Other features of MOBY jaw crushing machines

• Hopper equipped with an automatic hydraulic-lifting system that allows to switch from working to transport configuration easily and vice versa, without the need to assemble any additional component.

• Grizzly feeder equipped with an integrated screening unit with interchangeable net.

• Crawled carrier able to move the machinery during the work phases, thanks to an independent hydraulic circuit.

• Hydraulic-folding main conveyor belt, for easy transport.

• Cylinder for hydraulic extension of the main conveyor belt, to facilitate maintenance and unload of shatter-resistant materials, if needed.

• RIMAC is equipped with two independent electrical systems: a CONTROL PANEL and a REMOTE CONTROL. These allow for a complete management of the plant, remote maintenance, remote diagnosis, monitoring and data storage. All functions are proportional and can be customized by the operator (e.g.: it is possible to adjust the speed of the conveyor belts, set the desired height where to position the magnet, as well as decide its L/R rotation, switch the system on/off, open and close the crusher etc.).


Please, download the data sheet to see all its features.

MOBY500 Transformer

jaw crushing machine

MOBY600 Transformer

jaw crushing machine

MOBY600 Tractor

jaw crushing machine

MOBY600 S-Scarrabile

jaw crushing machine

MOBY800 Transformer

jaw crushing machine

MOBY1000 Transformer

jaw crushing machine

MOBY1060 Transformer

jaw crushing machine

MOBY1001 Transformer

jaw crushing machine

MOBY1200 Transformer

jaw crushing machine



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