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Jaw crushing plants: the pluses of the MOBY series

For many years Rimac has been at the forefront in the design and construction of aggregate crushing plants. Today we present you the company line of MOBY jaw crushers, multifunctional earthmoving machines and extremely simplified maintenance.

MOBY jaw crushers between multifunctionality and interchangeability

Immediate transition from work to transport configuration, rapid change of components, replacement of the crusher with other RIMAC systems. These are some of the top properties of MOBY crushing plants, the latest frontier in the jaw crushers market that make versatility and ease of use and maintenance two pluses highly appreciated by our customers.

The systems are designed to facilitate operational work, from installation and ordinary and extraordinary interventions to actual use in the field. To this end, our designers have equipped the machines with two essential advantages:

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY: thanks to a quick coupling it is possible to install on the same machine body all the RIMAC treatment systems, for example the impact crusher / hammers, the granulator, the metal shredder;
  • INTERCHANGEABILITY: quick replacement of most of the components (engine, crawler undercarriage, electrical system …) to avoid unpleasant machine downtimes and slowdowns in progress.

Read on to find out all the technical features.

MOBY jaw crushing plant: technical characteristics

Among the technical features of the MOBY jaw crushers we highlight:

  • Hopper with automatic hydraulic lifting system to switch from work to transport configuration in a very short time and vice versa;
  • Tracked wagon with independent hydraulic circuit to move the machinery during work;
  • Hydraulically foldable conveyor belt to facilitate transport by vehicle;
  • Hydraulic transmission vibrator that feeds the crushing unit automatically;
  • Vending machine levers that guarantee use even in the absence of an electrical system;
  • Remote control for remote and totally safe handling;
  • Control panel with customizable functions. For example, it is possible to adjust the speed of the conveyor belts, decide the positioning of the magnet in height or the rotation DX / SX, switch the system on or off, open and close the crusher.

Among the various models we highlight:

MOBY 600 with a weight of 13 tons, the only tracked crushing plant in the world with a maximum height from the ground of 2500 mm transportable with a demountable set-up;

MOBY 1200 COMPACT, the only crushing plant in the world with a weight of 38 tons and a 1200 x 650 mm crusher;

MOBY 1200 MAXI, the only crushing plant in the world with a weight of 53 tons and a 1200 x 880 mm crusher having dimensions in shape for transport and without stabilizing feet.

Would you like to know more? See the technical sheet. For any doubt do not hesitate to contact us.